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IQTimecard is a web based application using leading edge telephony services that lets you monitor, manage and track time of your workforce.

IQTimecard allows you to save time and money through its intuitive online application that helps you store, track and organise your workforce’s time in one place.

The IQTimecard telephony server allows employees to clock in and clock out from any touch tone telephone (including mobile) anywhere, anytime. This employee tracking data collection method moves you away from time consuming and painful manual time sheets and is ideal for mobile and flexible workforces.

IQTimecard is ideal for businesses that need to track the time and attendance of their remote or mobile workforce. Using a touch-tone telephone, employees can quickly clock-in and clock-out from a client’s location, report special hours and log accurate records for time worked. If you are still tracking employees with written time cards then you will see an immediate return on savings with IQTimecard.

IQTimecard eliminates human error and ensures that employees are only paid for the time they have worked. You can start to make real and immediate savings and free up your time to concentrate on more productive HR and Operational issues.

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