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Jumpstart your website with CloudFlare makes your website more productive 

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CloudFlare is an online tool that boosts the productivity of any website online by protecting and accelerating it. CloudFlare is a unique global network where they route your web traffic through.

What that means is that they help your website be easily found to the people looking for it. Each webpage is automatically optimized for delivery so your visitors get the fastest experiences with your website.

Pages load faster, videos don’t buffer or skip, spam bots are blocked and crawlers that love to waste your bandwidth and other server resources are also blocked.

CloudFlare has a free plan with not too many services, and of course paid plans as well.

How To Get Started With CloudFlare

1. Click here to go to their website

2. Sign up

3. Enter your first website url.

4. Wait one minute while CloudFlare scans your records. There will be an automated video to listen to while you wait that first minute that gives you in-depth detail.

5. Double check the records and add or update any that CloudFlare missed.

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6. Click the I’ve added all missing records button after you’ve done it.

7. This is where you pick your plan. There’s a free plan with basic services and then paid plans that vary.

8. The last step is to update your name servers. To do that go to your DNS provider with the name services CloudFlare provides.

9. Return to the page and click the green button.

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10. Once you have finished, it usually takes up to 24 hours for the change to go through. And this is the page you see:

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Here is a quick WebToolsWiki tutorial video that shows you how to set up a website in CloudFlare

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