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Lafango is a social networking and media website that allows users to make profiles after register. The registered user can upload and share unlimited media  like audio, video, images, and text.To communicate with each other in user can create communities, compete in contests, create free electronic press kits, and blog. Previously it was named TalentTrove, then the website was named and went out one of the 10 internet companies in 2009 not only for names but for its technology.It stands a platform for newcomer talented young guys and talent seeker and provides artistic community. Lafango brags extraordinary, user-friendly media content.


There are so many popular feature in this site like media sharing, stage,media discovery, stage of the day, contest, lafango radio, lafango TV, media discovery. people might upload any video to show their talent.The main goal to people showing their skills, activities, interests there.In stage User describes his/her background information.By titling, tagging, categorizing user could discover his similar news feed of others people.There is also contests in between users and winning coming out from voting. Lafango radio is online streaming radio which broadcasts 24 hours different interesting culture, views, funs etc. Lafango TV is 24 hour online TV station which offers comedy, actors, vocalists, guitarists, sports, models etc.



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Your top tips on how to use @Lafango #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your top tips on how to use @Lafango #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Lafango #webtoolswiki

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