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Ion interactive is a marketing apps platform that generates leads and revenue with engaging, highly interactive, digital marketing experiences that can be created and tested without developers. ion interactive is used to differentiate brands, increase engagement and improve conversions in content marketing, social marketing, email marketing and advertising campaigns.

Ion Interactive

Our software-as-a-service platform creates and tests marketing apps. Hundreds of brands and agencies subscribe to the platform and fundamentally improve the agility and results of their digital experiences. Customers like the ones below gain speed to market, creativity, user engagement, conversions and revenue.

Marketing apps are interactive, browser-based digital experiences designed for user participation and engagement. They’re the types of things that people want to use to learn, have fun and explore. They’re engaging experiences that live within the browser, regardless of device. They’re desktop, mobile, tablet — any device, any time.

Marketing Apps for Content Marketing
Turn your best practices into assessments. Your product pages into configurators. Your pricing spreadsheets into calculators. Your messaging into conversion paths. And turn your content marketing into better branding, higher engaging and higher converting revenue marketing.

Marketing Apps for Lead Generation
Adding marketing apps to your digital touchpoints — both within your main website as well as within or instead of your landing pages — will drive far more leads into your funnel.

Marketing Apps for e-Commerce
Marketing apps can turn the shopping experience from a rote task into an engaging pleasure. And the results on incremental revenue can be significant.

Marketing Apps for Brand Engagement
Marketing apps will breathe fresh life into your digital touchpoints. They modernize the interactions people have with you and elevate the perception of your brand.

Marketing Apps for Social Engagement
Give people something they truly want to tweet, like, follow and pin. Give them fun, entertaining and compelling touchpoints make them want to shout about them.

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