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LibraryThing is social cataloging based web application to share and store the book chart and different types of book metadata.Generally libaries, authors, publisher, writers, individuals use this application. Tim Spalding develops this application based in Portland,Maine.It has over 1,700,000 users and more than 80 million book are listed.

The initial feature of LibraryThing is the listing or cataloging of books by importing data from six stores and from libraries through 39.50 connections. Library sources supply MARC records and Dublin Core  to LT; Users also generally import information from different 690 libraries, including the Canadian National Catalogue, British Library, Yale University, Library of Congress and National Library of Australia.Book information can be got by blank paper.



Social features
LibraryThing’s social features is comparable to bookmark manager and the  music service There is also similar book cataloging sites include Goodreads, aNobii, BookJetty,weRead and Shelfari.

The site’s developers added servers to compensate for the increased traffic. In December of the same year, the site received yet more attention from Slashdot over its UnSuggester feature, which draws suggestions from books least likely to appear in the same catalog as a given book.



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