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download is a real social networking website for outcasts launched in October 2007. It started with a simple slogan in mind: “Linking expats all over the world”.

There is a misconception about thinking linkexpats is only for expats.But linkexpats delivers for  foreigners,expatriates, international students,travelers and exchange visitors, as well as locals.It was created to interact people with each other around the globe. LinkExpats is not ordinary social network like Facebook,Myspace and LinkedIn.the term friend is slightly different in here. people can not make a friend in the internal section of the website, but they can contact each other,create event for different users,attend in different forum and create ads etc. Membership privacy
In privacy section Linkexpats takes a hard step.User can ban easily by clicking ‘ban’ button when they get the E-mail from any user.So spamming are handled here strictly. User can send email to another but email address does not appear to user for preventing the spamming.So one user can not see another user’s E-mail.

Website Features

sanctions of user-

-Submitting reviews about country where he/she from or currently living

– Create ads

– Creating events for the same nationality as themselves

– Attending  forum discussions


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Your Tips for @LinkExpats #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your Tips for @LinkExpats #webtoolswiki

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