Make Quote Photos with Pinstamatic

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You see them all over the internet. Those quote photos with the cool text and background. How do people create those? Well, many use Photoshop or some other image creator and editor on the market, but those tools can be complicated and costly.

There are many sites out there that easy and cost free. You can make quote photos with Pinstamatic in seconds.

Pinstamatic Dashboard

What Pinstamatic Offers

Cost: Free
Quote Formats: A total of 12 for making your own quotes
Post options: Share to Pinterest, but users can right click and save image
Pluses: Ease of use, creating ready made images in seconds
Minuses: A limited number of backgrounds to choose from, and you can only share directly from tool to Pinterest
Cool Stuff: Integration with Twitter, Spotify, and Websites

make quote photos easily with Pinstamatic

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