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Manage Your Most Precious Work Resources with EazeHR.

Whether you are a freelancer just doing your own thing or you are working for a multilevel corporation and need to manage employees and other human resource needs, there is a tool that can help you do just that starting at at less than $4 a month.

EazeHR is short for EazeWork’s HR and Employee Self Service application and it’s designed to give everyone on your management team an easy to manage workplace to take care of human resource issues such as employees.

Some of their following software features help you mange the following:

  •  HRIS
  •  Onboarding
  •   Attendance and Timesheet
  •  Expense Management
  •  Assets
  •  Transfers
  • Calendar, leaves and shifts,
  • and many more!

Web based processes are easily supported by both email and text alerts which allows your team to keep track on the progress at hand.

When it comes to pricing, EazeHR is flexible. You only purchase what you need and if you are skittish about committing your money to their services, they have a free trial with up to 10 team members.

Are you dating HR?

funny graphic for the EazeHR WTW post

Who Could Benefit From This Tool?

Anyone whether they are a freelancer, work in a large corporation, nonprofits, small and large busineses, can use this tool to make their work a little easier.

Pricing Options

Their pricing plans are in two currencies: USD and INR. Below is their graph in USD.

EazeWorkHR pricing features

the cost of using a great tool is also great!

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