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Staff leave managed the way you want it to be managed! Whether your company is based in the UK and you want to manage staff holiday, or you are based in the US and want to manage Paid Time Off, or even both, the flexibility of WhosOff allows you to bring your own company staffing policies to a system where your employees can plan their leave around your company calendar.

WhosOff allows you to reduce the overhead time and money spent on paper chasing leave requests around the office by making important information available to the required staff in your company.

For each leave request handled inside a company, on average between 3-5 pieces of paper are used and 1.5 hours of time are spent preparing and making decisions based on what one member of staff has to record.

With WhosOff all of the number crunching is done for approvers with just one button needing pressing to approve or decline a leave request. On top of this, any supporting information surrounding a leave request is presented at the time of making this decision.

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