How To Blog In Minutes With Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

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Create Beautiful Blog Posts In 2 Minutes with Meddle.

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

Ever feel like you just don’t want to see that blank page on your computer waiting for you to write something witty and creative for your company or business?

You know what I’m talking about: Blogging.

Don’t let that blank screen mock you with it’s evil blinking cursor–if you hate to write or don’t consider yourself creative, there is a muse for you.

That muse is Meddle, a new web tool that will help you create better blog posts.

What Is Meddle?

Meddle is a content marketing tool for subject matter experts. In other words Meddle is a tool that will help you become an influencer by encouraging you to offer your perspective on the stuff you read and share.

And keep your day job.

If your job is to write and blog, Meddle will not only help you, but will inspire your team mates so that all of you can become brand ambassadors for your company.

Who Can Use Meddle?


Meddle is perfect for those who want to blog but doesn’t have the time or anyone who is new to blogging could use this creative tool.

Meddle is made to help everyday people to become more than just the average writer, blogger, random person on Twitter by simply improving their visibility online. How? By creating and curating content that meets the needs of their circles.

Meddle is a blogging tool for those who can take five and showcase themselves to the world. If you are on your 15 minute break at work, you have time to Meddle and show off your latest piece of art.

Of course, any pro can also use Meddle as another way to drive traffic to their blog by simply posting excerpts and interacting with the other users.

How To Get Meddle

Easily sign up for free with either your email or social accounts.

Once you do that, connect whatever social accounts you want, install the plugin to your browser, and you are ready to go.

How To Meddle.

1. Sign into your account.

2. Make sure the plugin is installed in your browser.

3. Go to a favorite website.

4. Highlight text from that website.

5. A form will open up like the one below. Fill it out with your thoughts.

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

6. You can send it as an email, share it on social media and post it to your profile.  The image below shows the above post about InkyBee on WebToolsWiki.

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

Blog In Minutes with Meddle @meddleit #WebToolsWiki

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