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Mixi  is an online Japanese social networking service.The focus of Mixi is community entertainment, that is, meeting new people based on common interests.[citation needed] Users can send and receive messages, write in a diary, read and comment on others’ diaries, organize and join communities, and invite their friends. Research indicates that some users, particularly young women, are more likely to use Mixi to connect in more private ways with close friends, particularly in contrast to perceptions of Facebook as a more public social network.

Mixi’s profile pages are attractive and load extremely quickly.The advantage is that the site doesn’t break; the disadvantage is that there’s no variety, and Mixi isn’t a great tool for expressing your identity. 

To join Mixi, you need to be invited by an existing member. You also need to be 18 or over, but I doubt anyone sticks to the rules. Your Mixi URL contains a unique user number: since these began at 1 and increased sequentially, it’s easy to tell how recently a user joined. And because Mixi is invite-only, none of these URLs are indexed by Google.




Mixi added the feature to upload your own video content, along with the ability to post content from YouTube.

It was founded in 2004 and is owned by Mixi, Inc. (TYO: 2121). Mixi, Inc. was founded by Kenji Kasahara in 1999 as a limited liability company and became a Japanese corporation in 2000. The company changed its name to Mixi, Inc. from E-Mercury, Inc. in February 2006 to align its name with the social networking service. Its headquarters are in Shibuya, Tokyo.

How To Get A Mixi Invite (Even If You Don’t Live In Japan)-

Visit- mixi.jp

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