Monitor Websites Easily with MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

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If Your Job Requires NonStop Web Page Refreshing, Then Meet MyRefresher

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

If you are constantly having to refresh your website, which is really time consuming, here is a tool that can help you save time.

MyRefresher will do the work for you by automatically refreshing your website pages. You can set up to refresh as often as every second and not only will it do that for you, but you will get notifications if there is any change to the web page you are monitoring.

MyRefresher is an automatic refreshing tool with dual browser capability.  So in other words, it can give you a split or duality version of your screen with two web browsers.

This enables you to surf the web on one and monitor the other.

They also give you an HTML code that you can install to automatically refresh your sites so if you are techie, you can do it yourself without installing the software.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki



Who Needs This Tool?

Anyone who is monitoring a web page for any activity such as online auctions, sports evens, comments on an event page, live chat features and so on.

Some of this tools features are:

PC Timer

If for any reason you need to shut the computer down, restart or even log out while you are absent, PC Timer will make it happen.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

PC Reminder

If you need to make a call at a certain time, or do something else important, the PC Reminder can notify you when it’s that time.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Pop-up Manager

If the page you are monitoring is ad supported or has pop ups, the Pop-up Manager can help you control this issue so it won’t be frustrating.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Auction Template

For those of you monitoring auction sites, this neat little feature helps you create gorgeous auction listings on the fly. You can design it how you like and save it.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

HTML Editor

Whether you are fluent in HTML or just a beginner, this feature helps you create your own web pages in HTML.

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

Monitor Websites Easily with #MyRefresher #WebToolsWiki

How Does One Get Refresher?

Refresher is a free and paid software that you download on your computer. The minimum requirements to use this software are:

  • Must have Microsoft Windows 98, Me, 2000, NT 4.0 and XP.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5 or above.
  • Screen Resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher recommended.
  • 5MB free Hard Drive space.
  • 16MB RAM.

Click here to get the free software

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