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NimbleSchedule Employee Scheduling Software is a novel solution to a notorious problem.

Many scheduling solutions put the cart before the horse: their primary aim is to fill blank spaces in a calendar. The people in the equation – you! – are forgotten. As a result, you sink time into tedious tasks like tracking schedules that still end up creating headaches. NimbleSchedule takes a new approach to an old problem to make scheduling easier.

With anytime, anywhere access via the Web or smartphone, NimbleSchedule is convenient and perfect for busy people who need flexibility. By involving your team in the scheduling process, you no longer have to juggle all the requests nor seek out employees to solicit information. With less need for management intervention, you have only to glance and approve.


NimbleSchedule online employee software shrinks a tedious process into just minutes. There has never been software for employee scheduling that is this versatile and easy to use. Used for simple scheduling or more complex tasks, it makes adjustments and changes easily.

Even better, we’ll save you money! The NimbleSchedule Online Schedule Calendar pays for itself in no time – and then some – providing hard cost savings in addition to saving time.

On average businesses save $5,000 per workforce task, per person, per year on NimbleSchedule. They also save 260 hours per workforce task, per person per year on the platform.

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