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Bookmarking Mapping App For Saving Personal, Leisure, or Business Places

Pin Drop is a bookmarking tool for saving the places that are important to you, helping you keep track of personally curated locations for travel, work and lifestyle interests. It is an iPhone app that now has mapping features and gives users the ability to have multiple profiles whether for personal, leisure or business use.


Here are things you can do with the Pin Drop app:

  • Import location data from Facebook, Foursquare, Google and Instagram.
  • Clear privacy settings allowing you to control what others can see.
  • Create multiple accounts to easily separate work and play.
  • Attach audio and video files to pins.
  • Collaborate with others to plan travel itineraries, share memories, or record group places of interest.
  • Find out ‘What’s Near You’.
  • Share with friends, or get directions with your favourite navigation apps (Waze, TomTom, Citymapper and Google)
  • Discover tips from top curators.

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Your Tips for @pindrop #webtoolswiki

Your Tips for @pindrop #webtoolswiki

#pindropapp #WebToolsWiki

#pindropapp #WebToolsWiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @pindropapp #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @pindropapp #webtoolswiki



Nov 24, 2014 by Sebastien Caron - - 112
Your suggestions for alternatives to @pindropapp #webtoolswiki | mapstr

Mapstr is an incredibly easy to use application that will let you never forget places again!

Indeed, with Mapstr, you'll be able to:
- see all your places in the world on a unique map
- see all the useful information about your places (name, location, pictures, website, opening hours, phone number, etc.)
- save new places in only a few seconds
- add as many #tags your want to each of your places
- filter your places by #tags


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