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220px-Playlist_logo_square is a social network for the people who loves music.This site is full commercial but it gives the user free service, it target their 60 millions register user and they provide 30 millions tracks.

This site arrangement is so huge that it need to monitor 24 hours, and this service  done by playlist They have to maintain 60 million register user, 80 millions audios,1 billion listening hours, 1 millions adds.

This site is a cloud-based maintaining system, where user can search their music by the artist name  or track name. Then they get instant access to the music music station. If they want to add any track to the music then they can do it, but first they need to make a test profile, after analyzing that profile playlist will allow to modify it.



Legal issues-
Playlist ensure all copyright to the artist, or any brand that belongs to. But in past they have acquisition  about copyright issue. But they have solve that issue.

Download MP3 Music from


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Your Tips for @Playlist #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your Tips for @Playlist #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @playlist #webtoolswiki

How to Create and Organize Multiple Playlists Using #freemusic #internet via @SlideShare

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