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Create An Interactive Presentation with PresenterNet 

PresenterNet Interactive Web Conferencing

Meet PresenterNet. Imagine your PowerPoint presentation acting live a live chat or contact form–asking your visitors questions, getting feedback and share more with users than ever before. That is the whole meaning of interactive.

You start by uploading your presentation. Then PresenterNet will help transform your file into an interactive content presentation where you can go so far and make your presentation memorable.

With PresenterNet You Can:

  • Ask direct questions
  • Quiz visitors on the contents of the presentation
  • Give the user a slider to indicate an answer
  • Include a form for them to fill out (such as an auto-responder code)
  • Include video and audio
  • Give users multiple choice checklists
  • Include photos, screenshots, etc

Once you have finished with the customization, you will get an embed-able code that you can install on your website, blog, or any site that lets you edit the html. Copy, paste and done.

When your followers come to your site to check it out, they will be impressed with a slideshow that includes them, their input and questions in the presentation–which will keep them on your website longer.

How Are PresenterNet’s Presentations Different?

PresenterNet allows you to create presentations that keep your website visitors fully engaged with Q&A type forms, ask them questions and let them interact with your slideshow as if it’s an actual being that represents you.

Who Should Use PresenterNet?

Anyone from a blogger who blogs about fashion to a corporation that needs multiple presentations. PresenterNet has options for everyone.

How Do I Get PresenterNet and How Much Is It?

Click here to visit their website. PresenterNet offers a free demo, a free trial. As for pricing their options are:

  • Free User–your audience limit is 2 people.
  • Casual User $39.95–your audience limit is 25 people.
  • Regular User $49.95–your audience limit is 50 people
  • Power User $59.95–your audience limit is 100 people.
  • Webinar User $99.95–your audience limit is 500 people.


Interactive websites are becoming the new way to keep visitors on your site and have a ‘conversation’ with them when no one is there. This is a great tool that will grow its userbase as companies strive to provide a personal experience to every person who comes to their site.

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Headline for Your top tips for using @presenternet #Crowdify #GetItDone
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Your top tips for using @presenternet #Crowdify #GetItDone

Tips for using @presenternet #Crowdify

Why Create an interactive presentation?

Why Create an interactive presentation?

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @presenternet #Crowdify

Your suggestions for alternatives to @presenternet #Crowdify

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