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Brian Solis constantly urges us to use more of our time online listening and by listening learning. Radian 6 is a great tool for this.

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As social media is evolving and growing, more consumers are using their social media networks to talk about a product or service to communicate with their favourite brands. It’s important for companies to actively listen to these conversations around their brand to understand what is going on in their industry across all social media platforms. Social media listening also allows brands to enhance their products and services, identify engagement opportunities and monitor competitor mentions.

There are a lot of emerging social media tools to help brands with that, but one of those is Radian6. Radian6 launched in April 2006, it was acquired by Salesforce in March 2011. Radian6 is a social media monitoring tool, which aids companies in engaging actively with its customers through social media platforms. Understands companies need to know what’s being said about their brand, industry, and competitors online. It’s not only a listening tool, a measuring tool as well where marketers can get their insights and use it productively in turn for engaging with their customers. It even incorporates various areas which are important in an organization such as sales, lead generation, customer service, public relations and much more. Here’s a breakdown of the features provided by Radian6.

Features of Radian6

Setting Up:

Setting up is a quick and easy method by using the Topic Profile and launching the Radian6 dashboard. Being a new user, the QuickStart tool will set up automatically, and it can be launched by clicking on the QuickStart icon on the dashboard. A series of guiding prompts will help in setting up the topic profile, including easily grouping key words by brand, competitor, or industry.

QuickStart will also auto-configure the sentiment around the things identified for brands especially by company names, products brands and so on. It can be done manually, to change it in the configuration screen as well. Filter by region, media type, or language then get a snapshot summary of the estimated monthly result volume and it can be tweaked as well to refine the topic. The key to Radian6 are the search terms “Keywords”, once mastered it will help in refining the findings.

To start identifying Keywords (there are no parameters) these are some strategies:

  1. What is your brand/product name?
  2. Include your social media platforms
  3. Mention very precisely the keywords for customer service, product to buy, Comparison etc.
  4. To make it easier group keywords for each segment. So it will be easier to monitor and listen to how customers talk about brands.


Analysis dashboard:

On the Radian6 dashboard, the widget gallery gives a user the ability to add any of the 44 pre-configured widget analysis. By simply selecting the topic profile and data range, can choose from the basic analysis widget or more specialized widgets in social media metrics, Twitter analysis, brand analysis, competitive intelligence, and workflow and engagement.

1. River of news:

River of news enables users to see mentions about their brand products or competitors, and where the conversation is taking place. Whether it’s the user’s social media followers or the ones they are following and the overall engagement. Further, the River of News allows brands to organize these conversations by Forum Thread Size, Twitter Followers, Publish Date, View Count, and more. The best part about this widget is that it can help users to actively engage and identify sentiment on any selected mention.

2. Cloud conversation:

This widget displays the top words and call out the more distinct words mentioned in posts, in a larger text which word was used the most. The Conversation Cloud also enables users to drill down and see the conversations and topics around that word. So, if a negative word appears in the Conversation Cloud, it may be worth further investigating those mentions to see what’s being said about their brand.

3. Topic trend:

By opening the River of News or Conversation Cloud widgets within Topic Trends, can further drill down into specific points throughout the timeline to see why the conversation had a spike during a specific time period. It pulls in conversations from Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Flickr, YouTube, Mainstream News, and Buy/Sell websites

4. Influencer:

Influence is at the heart of many social media endeavours, dedicated to helping brands view influence through the lens what’s right for their business. That means uncovering the well-known voices as well as the ones that might not be on the radar so that it can lead to better understanding regarding driving awareness and engagement for brands. New slate of influencer views and breakdowns will allow, digging deeper and do further analysis of the entire influencer landscape around the brands business, and help see both the high level snapshot of who might be important, and the drill down into details on metrics and specific results. By looking at influencers in a number of ways and through the perspective of several types of data, through this it will be able to conduct more efficient outreach, understand which social media channels are making the biggest impact for the users brand and strategize!

Summary Dashboard

With the Summary Dashboard users can monitor about their brand products, competitors and regarding industry very conveniently. Understanding the social conversation with the high level of summaries in real time without the resources of analyst can be easily done.


The results are automatically updated, can be accessed and shared. With this pre-configured application which presents easy-to-read volume of the entire sentiment, key influencers, and demographics. It’s like a report card which gives the overall well being of brands from development to failures.

Engagement Console:

Engagement console is a desktop application which shows social media platform streams. It allows brands to interact with their customers as well as monitor conversations. Via engagement console can integrate various social media platforms such as multiple twitter handles, Facebook account and all the pages associated with the brand are integrated as well and chatter streams. When stacks are launched, that is where the various networking platforms are arranged. Can send messages to multiple platforms by clicking on stacks – then launching posting palette, choosing the accounts and then the message will be sent across all platforms, no need to copy paste content. Workflow option in engagement console is similar to analysis dashboard where tasks can be assigned to team members; add posts, set a priority, define engagement and classification level.

When the desktop isn’t accessible, through the Radian6 mobile application users can stay updated about brand interaction with customers. Workflow functions with team mates are even possible on the go! With this application can even configure email and instant messenger alerts. Engagement activities won’t stop when not on the desktop!

User Management:

With this function work can be delegated to team mates and can segregate the responsibilities as well.

  1. Super user is an administrator. Like a manager who looks after the entire process and makes sure it flows smoothly.
  2. Full user has access to the entire application from topic profile, engagement as well as analysis.
  3. Requisitioner has access to the entire application, like the full user but here at some levels they require access pass.
  4. Read only can be used to show real-time results to executives as well clients to show the graph of how the brand is doing.
  5. A dashboard user has access to the entire dashboard and engagement console as well. But they cannot create new topic profile or make changes in the existing one.
  6. Engagement only, their responsibilities are that they have access to the engagement console only. This can be used in larger organisations where employees can listen and monitor what the customers are talking about the brand.


Analytics offers a deeper insight by combining coverage, depth of Radian6 with additional content from 3rd party to have a better understanding about the brand and its conversations. Gives a better perspective of brand on social web and who is talking about it. Helps gain access to valuable information regarding the social traffic, demographic, influencers, location, sentiment etc. It works beyond the “Keyword”

and provides analysis by digging deeper for insights. And even monitors the real time social interaction regarding the brand, competitors or relating to the industry.

Other features:

  1. Radian6 even supports the integration of customer relationship management (CRM), web analytics and other enterprise systems as well.
  2. Multiple languages are supported including: English, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. Thus no barriers in communication!
  3. Numerous analysis widgets can be set up to analyze within a date range or for pre set days as well.
  4. Apart from languages, results can be filtered by country, source and media type.
  5. Conversational dynamics are constantly tallied to track the viral nature of each post. This allows for easy sorting by publish date, comment count, unique commenter’s and calculated engagement.

Radian6 offers users comprehensive coverage of listening, monitoring and discussing on the social web about Interaction of their customers with brand products as well as competitors.

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Your top tips for using @Radian6 #Crowdify #GetItDone

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