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WorkforceGrowth is the world’s easiest online employee performance management system. It allows HR to setup and conduct reviews instantly. Executives can visually analyze entire company’s performance so they can get a clear and strategic understanding of their workforce to make better decisions.

Custom & 360-Degree Reviews:

• WorkforceGrowth provides the ability to perform both custom and 360-degree based
reviews along with self reviews.
• Administrator can setup different types of reviews like Annual, Bi-Annual, Project based, etc.
• Reviewers can give general comments for the whole review or individual comments for each
• Employees can be reviewed by multiple managers and team members across departments
and teams

Analytics & Reporting:

• Executives can visually analyze and compare company wide performance. One can compare different departments or individuals for custom timelines.
• Managers can easily access details about their reports and also see their team’s progress.
• Every employee can review its own performance by our visual reports on in-depth details reports after each review.

Organization Insight:

• Every employee has a profile page with his review details, contact information and past positions.
• Our interactive tool allows company executives and managers to perform cross-department, cross-teams and company wide in-depth analysis.
• Interactive organization chart lets all employees easily view company hierarchy.
• Global search allows easy and quick access to all employees, reviews,etc.

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