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Ripple is a online network for payment or currency transaction. This system built by Ripple labs. The system built by and use the system as  open source internet protocol, consensus ledger and native currency called ripples . This system is neraly used by allover the world and support currency of all most any type like dollar,yen and also support cryptocurrency like dogcoin ,bitcoin etc.

How it work-

Ripple is based on three type of core information, like , shared ,public and ledger. For balancing the system ledger holds information about assets, buy and  sell also create sell database. Participants in the network agree to changes in the ledger via a process called consensus which is reached every 2–5 seconds. This process allow of consensus allows  for remittance, payment and exchange .




In Ripple, users make payments between themselves by using cryptographically signed transactions denominated in either Ripple’s internal currency named XRP or in arbitrary other assets (including real-world assets such as dollars, gold, air miles etc).When a non-XRP payment is made between two users that trust each other, the balance of the mutual credit line is adjusted, subject to limits set by each user. A gateway is any person or organization that enables users to put money into and take money out of the Ripple network. They accept currency deposits from users and issue balances into Ripple’s distributed ledger. address, nationality, etc. When establishing a trustline, an option will present itself in the client to allow ‘rippling’.

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How to use @Ripple #Crowdify #GetItDone

How to use @Ripple #webtoolswiki

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