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Use Tags that are Most Likely to Reach Beyond your Followers

Ritetag is a productivity tool, from which you can get your tags added to tweets and send them, schedule them, or schedule them over time. The Ritetag hashtags tool takes a little learning to make full use of but as with many such things time spent now will serve you the rest of your life online.

Scheduling Optimization + Hashtag Optimization

RiteTag: the hashtag tool that measures the results you get for your smart-tagging trouble. You waste no time getting results, and the more you do, the more “My top-performing tags” and Stats leads you to what works – for YOU. With RiteTag, our focus is to increase your exposure to followers, while going the furthest to help you #reachbeyondyourfollowers.  Do that and do that into relevant topic-interested audiences and you will achieve #returnonhashtags.

The best 1-2 hashtags for a topic are the great equalizer

RiteTag is every bit the tool for the solopreneur as it is for Madison Avenue ad agencies

RiteTag was launched as a best hashtags for topics site and quickly evolved

We understand that the great equalizer in Twitter is a relevant and well-searched and tracked hashtag. RiteTag empowers the little guy every bit as much as we serve the world’s top PR, SEO and social media agencies.

Things to do now, to go deep and get real business results with hashtags

    1. Register for RiteTag
    2. Get the browser extensions and apps – from the top menu (from your name) in RiteTag – and then, do your RiteTagging wherever you are – mobile, tablet, or directly from any web page.
    3. Get help! Selecting hashtags only looks easy.  Want to see what I would do with your content, my Tag Sets, my Top Performing Tags and custom scheduling?  Just click on or search #hashtagacademy in G+ to see when our next Google+ event is.
    4. Get the Certified RiteTagger badge for your sites and profiles – so you can get paid to hashtag-optimize and schedule posts for clients.  Write an article on how you got solid business or organization campaign results with one or more hashags and get it on the HashTag Academy blog.

Whatever you do, be scientific and make your hashtag choices based on evidence and preferably, use a tool that tracks your tweets and hashtag use – to help you refine your tagging.



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Headline for Your top tips for using @Ritetag #webtoolswiki
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Your top tips for using @Ritetag #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using @Ritetag #webtoolswiki


As with any tweet or post online, use relevant tags to get the best results.

Sep 10, 2014 by Jaye Sabri
Your top tips for using @Ritetag #webtoolswiki | As with any tweet or post online, use relevant tags to get the best results.

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Do you know any Ritetag alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Ritetag #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Ritetag #webtoolswiki


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