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RWND allows you to create a looping reversing video then share it to Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Tumblr or Reddit. it is simple to use but very short so you may need to work on your timing to get the perfect loop going of the 4 second video.

RWND has a worthy goal. It wants to put the fun back in video sharing. Founder of RWND Andrew Cunningham says “we just felt that things were all getting too complex, too busy. We wanted to make something simple just to have fun again.” The app allows you to take a short video of four seconds in length, upload it to the app and play it back in reverse. Online or offline. Users also have the option of sharing the video on social media as well as embedding it on their websites. Some things you cannot fully appreciate until you’ve seen them in reverse.

Just like Vine and Instagram video has exceeded expectations of popularity RWND will be super popular because it involves mobile and video and does not require a long attention span. RWND has just launched its social network and released Version 2 of its app.

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Your tips for using @RWNDApp#webtoolswiki

Your tips for using @RWNDApp#webtoolswiki

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