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Saasu is cloud-based, online accounting software to meet the needs of both accountants and small business owners. Saasu provides a range of tools for business owners to manage invoicing, banking, and payroll, as well inventory and contacts.

Saasu accounting software provides a solution for small business owners, consultants and software developers with a flexible API. Saasu allows you to run your business from any desktop or mobile device, managing accounts, sending invoices, reconciling bank accounts and collaborating with clients. Saasu also enable credit card and PayPal transactions.

Saasu offers an online accounting solution for growing businesses, freelancers, contractors and accountants. The application allows you to manage client invoicing and billing; staff and contractor payments; account reconciliation and banking; as well to manage books and financial reporting. Saasu provides an audit trail of all your financial activity and ensures all financial transactions, as well customer interactions and client account activities, are recorded and archived.

Saasu offers a range of accounting, as well as business management tools, including the ability to create personlaized invoices and branded statements that can be created in over 50 currencies. Saasu’s automatic bank reconciliation helps to ensure back statements match accounts, while balance sheets and profit & loss reports further help to understand your businesses’ financial position. Saasu allows you to manage your online inventory, allowing you to connect with your e-commerce website to automatically update quantities and components.

Saasu offers a payroll solution that utilizes automatic tax calculation and time-tracking tools to speed-up the procedure of paying staff and contractors. Saasu also provides the tools to gain a better insight into customer behavior, as well as overall business and sales performance. Customer segmentation and custom reporting tools allow you to track the KPIs that are most important to your business.

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