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Sailthru is a marketing automation software and multi-channel personalization tool that serves growing e-commerce and media brands. The software allows you to personalize customer experiences on every channel, including email, website, mobile, social and offline.

Sailthru uses unique consumer interest data, behavioral data and purchase data to build accurate individual customer profiles for individual targeting. Sailthru provides real-time customer data to allows fast growing companies to optimize aquisition and retention, build customer trust and loyalty, provide consistent brand messaging and utilize actionable, big data.

Sailthru offers a marketing automation and multi-channel personalization solution for growing businesses. The software provides a life-time view of all customer data, including behavioral data, purchase data and consumer interest data. Sailthru captures both implicit and explicit data from across all channels and touchpoints to build complete, 360-degree customer profiles.

The in-depth customer data provided by Sailthru is turned into actionable insights by providing unique, 1:1 personalized content and product recommendations. These can be delivered across channels, both online and offline, including mobile and social. The results of delivering this personalized content, recommendations and offers is then analyzed and turned into real-time reports presented through the Sailthru real-time dashboard. The Sailthru Smart Data™ reporting and analytics tool provides real-time as well as long-term marketing and customer data and insights.

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