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SellerCould is an all-in-one inventory management application facilitating order management, stock control and business management. The SellerCould platform automatically synchronizes your inventory to a secure business management dashboard allowing you complete transparency of your product control.

The SellerCloud solution electronically processes and manages all your inventory from an array of eCommerce and marketplace platforms to one online portal. The user interface allows you to assess orders from all channels and will allocate products of specific weight to the most feasible and cost effective carrier.

The SellerCloud platform is designed to manage and synchronize all your online inventory and distribution while providing real-time reports and shipping information.

The inventory management application is programmed around a client interface dashboard which can be linked to an array of online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms.

All these eCommerce channels are controlled via this dashboard and any inventory management alterations you make once logged in will be reflected on the 3rd party platforms.

SellerCloud also features and online customer support and ticketing system to facilitate queries and technical issues.

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