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Sidekick from Hubspot Shows You Who Reads Your Emails You Sent


If you labored long and hard to perfect that email that you wanted to send to prospective people in your niche, and they never reply, you wonder what the point is. You can use Sidekick to check email opening.

Well, there is now a way to see if they even opened it.

Sidekick by Hubspot has a Google Chrome extension that syncs with Gmail, iCloud and Microsoft Outlook to help you see if the people reached out to you even opened your email.

If they didn’t, then you know to revise your subject line. If they did and didn’t reply, then the odds are that they trashed it. So you know to work on your writing skills.

Sending an email to someone and now knowing if they opened it is kinda like playing darts in the dark. Unless you hit someone or something and break it, you won’t know if you hit the bullseye.

Getting Started With Sidekick.

Click here to add it to Google Chrome.

Then follow the prompts. Sidekick has a little check box in each Gmail compose window that only you can see and you are able to pick and choose which emails you want to track. And you get real time notifications when someone opens and clicks on something in your email.

Simply click the checkbox to track the


Please enjoy the tutorial video below on how to use the Sidekick Extension in Google Chrome.

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Your top tips for using @sidekick #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using @sidekick #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @sidekick #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @sidekick #webtoolswiki


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