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Performance appraisal reviews made easy! An intuitive solution for your performance appraisals, 360 degree feedback, and to track your team’s goals and objectives. Loved by innovators such as Quiksilver and Atlassian, and optimised for usability. Check out the competitive pricing, or get cranking with the ENTIRELY FREE FOR 10 USERS plan right today.
Small Improvements is your lightweight solution to dehassle the performance review and to simplify your 360 degree feedback. We help you focus on conversations and relevant feedback, and on actually helping people get better at their work.
And we make it really easy. Many users tell us “it’s like updating Facebook” since it’s so simple to provide the performance review feedback. It’s entirely work-related of course, but users actually like doing their performance review work. See our testimonials on our website for more on that.
Leading up to the official performance review, you can set up 360 degree reviews: Each person may nominate some people to provide feedback. The manager can approve or modify the reviewer list, and then the coworkers get notified by the system to provide feedback. HR can define if the feedback should be anonymous or not, and define deadlines too of course. The feedback can be delivered straight to be employee, or to their manager, or to both. It can be used for the official review, but it can also be used to help people get feedback “just like that”, e.g. outside official review times.
The Continuous Feedback module resembles typical microblogging services like Yammer. You may use it to share news (e.g. if you have no microblogging solution yet), and you can of course also use it to discuss ideas or share feedback just like that. All feedback can be easily get filtered during the next review, so it’s never lost. Also, you may take notes (e.g. from your 1:1 meetings) for later reading and assessment.

The fourth module helps you write and organise goals and personal objectives. Goals can be private, but it’s also possible to share your goals, thus letting others provide feedback and help you achieve those goals faster (or tell you if there are better goals!)

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