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It can get overwhelming with all the variety of Twitter tools out there, but SocialBro is a tool that can help you use those 140 magical characters that can make your brand shine. Twitter is so different from the other social media sites which means you need a tool that is on your side.

SocialBro helps you learn about your community with their search criteria and filters that you can use to organize your followers. You are also able to take a backup of your community and see your stats info about your followers. Here is a small list of just a few of their cool features.

1. Get to know your audience in-depth

It doesn’t matter if you have five or a million followers on Twitter because you need to be engaging with your followers. Your followers are your community and the more they engage (tweeting back and forth with you) the more they will visit your website (converting). SocialBro took this idea and developed a cool tool around it that helps you organize your followers based on some of these categories:

  • People you are following who aren’t following you back
  • People who follow you who you don’t follow back
  • Inactive followers and inactive friends
  • Famous friends and followers
  • Influential friends and followers
  • Very active friends and followers


This tool even provides signs in forms of red “down” arrow, a green “up” arrow and a blue “=” sign, thus it lets us know whether in the segregated categories if the followers are increasing, decreasing or are the same. This is a great feature for brands as you can determine whether or not your efforts are working. If you have a lot of red arrows, chances are you’re doing something wrong. So it can help in making you re-work your strategy and make your brand perform better.

2. When is the best time to Tweet?

Your tweets are awesome, but if you tweet at the wrong time, your followers will miss  your fabulous tweets. So you need to find out when your audience is online and SocialBro will help with that.



Learn when to tweet so you can get your tweets out front and center each time you tweet. SocialBro will pull the data for you and give you a time chart that will help you break in and put those tweets where they belong: Front and Center. You can get the activity of your followers by the hour, day of the week and learn when your best reach is.

3. Real-time Analytics for your Twitter community

SocialBro integrated with Bufferapp in December 2012 and together they released a very powerful piece of information: real-time analytics which is a great feature because with it, you can see how many of your followers are active at any given moment.



You can easily use this feature by clicking on the real time analytics icon in  your dashboard and start monitoring the real-time state of your community, ID users who are online and interact with them.  Here is a quick list of what you can do with this feature in detail:

  • Who is currently on-line
  • The total number of followers of the on-line users
  • Number of on-line users per second
  • The top languages of these users
  • The apps and clients most used

4. Do Competitor Analysis with SocialBro’s benchmark tool


Curious about the growth of your Twitter account against competition? SocialBro’s tool, Benchmark, allows you to do just that. You can cleraly see the growth of your accounts followers, following, tweets and list and also the average of similar users on a graph for you to work with.

  • To access the tool select “Benchmark” from the “tools” section of the top navigation bar.
  • At the top of the page you can select the topic most relevant to your industry. By default SocialBro will detect which category you go into (based on your bio) but if you think there is a better match you can use the drop down box to select a different one.

5. Engage in Strategic Following

Strategic following is the best way to grow your account. You simply follow users who are similar to your business, share the same interest and your aim is to acquire them as followers of your own. See Twitter as a huge networking event where you can schmooze among members anytime and place. No need to dress up and go out–do it online. Sure some people won’t follow you back, but you can still connect with them by chatting and expand your reach to some of their followers. SocialBro will help you do this in many ways .



One cool way is the Discover New Twitter Users tool. It helps you fined influencers in your field who post content that you could use to expand your reach. Filters enable you to find the users within your followers who you should be following, to segment your competitors followers and possibly get them to follow and engage with you. You can also monitor keywords, hashtags, urls, to see what people are saying about your brand, product, or idea. There’s even an email integration tool to help you follow those in your email contact book.

6. Improve the effectiveness of your tweets, with “tweet analytics”

SocialBro launched their Tweet Analytics tool in May 2013 so you can measure the impact of the cool stuff you share on Twitter.


With this tool, you can measure and monitor the performance of each tweet and see how many retweets, replies and faves your tweet receives. This helps you plan your future content strategies so you can increate your appeal with your following and maybe even find more followers.

7. SocialBro is Pro at Twitter Lists

SocialBro helps you take care of your Twitter Lists by allowing you to search people and add multiple users with just one click.


If you’ve tried making lists the old fashioned way on Twitter, you know this will save you time. And once added to your list, interacting with them is easier than ever.

SocialBro has both free and paid options to make it easier to get the features you need for your account. To get started, click here to go to their website.

Just go to and try it out!

SocialBro has free and paid options which are all explained on their site.

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How do I make 140 the magic number for my brand?

How do I make 140 the magic number for my brand?

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