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Surveytagger takes in customer comments in an Excel file and tags the comments with topic and sentiment. Results are presented in a dashboard with drill-down capability and Excel exports. Surveytagger works in ten languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

Voice of customer VOC and Enterprise Feedback Management EFM programs are growing customer feedback volumes very rapidly in many companies. Monitoring and engaging in social media discussions and short Net Promoter Score NPS surveys are just a couple of examples how companies are getting customer feedback almost in real-time from their customers.

Regardless of the channel, customer feedback almost always contains comments from the customer. Customer comments are the only place where customers tell what they really think of a company. When the amount of free-from text grows to thousands of comments each month getting a comprehensive view of what is important in customer feedback is easily lost into the masses. Raw text is difficult utilize without giving it a statistical structure with Natural Language Processing NLP.

Using text analytics and sentiment analysis can make a significant impact in seeing what is important customer feedback. Surveytagger can take in customer comments from any source as long as they are uploaded in an Excel file. It finds topics and sentiment from each comment and adds them as metadata to each comment. Surveytagger’s dashboard shows a list of top-20 topics of each material and a trend how each topic has evolved over time. Topics can also be searched and added to the filter to see only the desired topics.

Unlike other text and sentiment analytics tools Surveytagger does not require any manual linguistics work from the user. Surveytagger has been taught grammar of each language it supports. By understanding grammar the analysis results are on a completely different level already out-of-the-box when compared to competitors.

NPS is popular in many companies because it is a simple way to gather lots of customer feedback in almost real-time. Unlilke annualy surveys many more people like to reply to NPS surveys with just two questions. Surveytagger has an NPS dashboard which shows what promoters, passives and detractors like and hate about a company.

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