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If you care about how your website performs on mobile device, there’s a tool that can help you check its speed and performance.

Loadtimer is a web-based tool that can measure the load time of your URLs on mobile devices. It works on all web clients that support JavaScript.

Developed by Steve Souders, Loadtimer is pre-loaded with a list of URLs but you can modify the list. The urls load one at a time into the iframe and the record load times are then beaconed to the specific URL.

Take note, however, that you can’t test websites that have the so-called “framebusting” code that prevents them from being loaded in an iframe. Examples of these sites are Google, YouTube, Twitter, and NYTimes.

The great thing about Loadtimer is it does not require installation hence, it can work on all mobile phones and tablets that support JavaScript.

There are not much web development tools for mobile hence, this is one bonus developers must use.

Here are the steps to use Loadtimer:

  • Edit the list of URLs – one per line.
  • Check “record load times” to send the load time to the specified “beacon URL”. The beacon URL defaults to Loadtimer’s server where the data is aggregated in the results page. Change the beacon URL to send the beacons to your own server if desired.
  • Clear your cache.
  • Click “Start” to load the URLs one-by-one into the iframe.
  • The iframe load time is displayed.

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