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TextExpander is a tool which converts little text snippets into full sentences, paragraphs, and more. It supports both Mac and Windows both. This tool will save you hours of typing per week.

This text expansion software lets you create abbreviations for bits of text that you frequently type; in the software these bits of texts are called snippets. You type an abbreviation in any document or text field, and TextExpander instantly replaces the abbreviation with the corresponding snippet. Thus you can create simple snippets for your name, company’s name, address and frequently used words. With this software it helps you save a lot of time, improves you efficiency and the time saved you can use it to focus on other activities of your organization.

Highlighting some features of this popular productivity software:

  •  You don’t need to remember all of your snippet abbreviations, as TextExpander’s menu provides quick access to your snippets. You just need to use hotkey and search for your abbreviations, edit, search for matches etc.
  •  TextExpander includes a feature for filling out forms and standard letters. For example, you can create a form letter snippet that prompts you to fill in fields with the name of the recipient, as well as specific information such as price, date etc.
  •  With TextExpander you’re not limited to just words; you can also create snippets for pictures and other files.
  • It even automates the process for you, by auto-correcting your typos. Thus you don’t need to go and re-check each phrase.
  • TextExpander enables you to organize your snippets into folders, and you can even set up groups of expansions to work only in particular applications. So it makes it organized, and easier to keep track on.

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How to use @TextExpander #webtoolswiki

How to use @TextExpander #webtoolswiki

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Alternative Tools To @TextExpander #webtoolswiki

Alternative Tools To @TextExpander #webtoolswiki

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