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- Last Update: is a must have tool and will not only help you find your synonyms and antonyms to broaden your vocabulary and help embellish your writing style but it also shows the relevance of each word to the word you are trying to use but not use. For example, the word, poetic.

You could use the word poetic in this sentence:

Wow, that movie was poetic!

But if you don’t want to use that specific word, helps you find similar words. And you could say:

That movie was epic! 


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Here is a video tutorial by #WebToolsWiki about

Do you have any tips for using Thesaurus? Please add them to this list. Please vote up or down any tips that are already here. Thank you!

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Your top tips on how to use @Thesaurus #webtoolswiki

Your top tips on how to use @Thesaurus #webtoolswiki

Your top tips on how to use @Thesaurus #webtoolswiki | SkinnyScoop (@theSkinnyScoop)

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Do you know any Thesaurus alternatives? Please add the names of each tool to this list and help others to find them and try them out. Please vote up or down any alternative so we find the most popular ones. Thank you!

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @thesaurus #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @thesaurus #webtoolswiki

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