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A Free Reverse Image Search Engine Web Application

What is TinEye? 

Sometimes we find a picture online but we don’t know the details about the picture. Is there any way to find out about the details? You can do image search in an image search engine like Google but the easiest and most accurate way is to search through TinEye.  TinEye is a reverse image search engine. The use of the Web application is free of charge for customers. While computer vision and image identification research projects began as early as the 1980s, the company claims that TinEye is the first web-based image search engine to use image identification technology. Currently, the technology is an open beta release.


How  to use it?

A user uploads an image to the search engine (the upload size is limited to 20 MB) or provides a URL for an image or for a page containing the image. If you have a image that is more than 20 Mb then you have to reduce the size by Photoshop then upload it to the site. The search engine will look up other usage of the image in the internet, including modified images based upon that image, and report the date and time at which they were posted. TinEye does not recognise outlines of objects or perform facial recognition, but recognises the entire image, and some altered versions of that image. This includes smaller, larger, and cropped versions of the image. TinEye has shown itself capable of retrieving different images from its database of the same subject, such as famous landmarks.

TinEye’s ability to search the web for specific images (and modifications of those images) makes it a potential tool for the copyright holders of visual works to locate infringements on their copyright.

Here’s a short video about TinEye. Enjoy!

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Your top tips for using @TinEye #Crowdify #GetItDone

Your top tips for @TinEye #Crowdify

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Alternative Tools To @TinEye #webtoolswiki


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