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Track installations, software usage and conversion trends for desktop applications. An SDK offering Business Intelligence analytics with a direct-to-desktop marketing framework. FREE for startups.

Monitor Product Activity
Track how many unique users have installed, uninstalled, or are actively still using your software. Know exactly what versions, builds, or editions are actively in use. All Trackerbird reports can be filtered or grouped by geographical region, product edition, version, build number, product language, operating system type, OS language, license type (eval, freeware, etc.) and license key status (expired, blacklisted, etc.)

Collect Environment Data
Is it worth fixing a feature effecting only Win XP SP2 or are there only a handful of users using it? Are there enough users using a German language OS to be worth budgeting for a German translation? Should you adjust your UI to better support netbooks or should you focus on widescreens and dual monitors?

Feature Usage Trends
Track which features in your product are more popular with customers and which are underused. What product features are left undiscovered by evaluation users? Are customers using your software only for a specific feature-set? Is your market split in different user groups looking for different product functions?

Conversion Funnel Analysis
Analyse the path your users take from the day they install your application until their end of life.

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