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Travellerspoint is a where user are share their experience about their traveling places and share their photos , information. It helps new travelers to know the best travelling places and help them to know about place environment . So it help to travelers a safe travels. Members of the site participate through forums, blogs, photo galleries and a wiki travel guide.

Forums: several destination and topic related forums are setup for discussing travelers experience.
Travel guide: users can edit destination information and Contributors are able to share in the ad revenue or use their share to lend through Kiva.

Blogs & Photography: There is a system of blogging for travelers also they can uploads of traveling photos as much as they can.  Travel point arrange a annual photography where they chose best photography which they shown on their site.

Travel Planner & Travel helpers: A travel planning tool that integrates with the above mapping tool. Allows the planning of future trips and collaboration with other members. user can plot their trip’s itinerary on a world map via  mapping system.  this system is interlinked with the photos and blogs. A user’s map integrates their photography and blog entries through geo-tagging. In March 2007, Travellerspoint travel maps were nominated in the category of Best Use of Social Media for the Travolution Awards.An early addition to the Travellerspoint set of services was a Travel Helper system, which allowed members to sign up as travel helpers for any number of countries. There are currently over 3000 travel helpers.

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How to use @Travellerspoint #webtoolswiki

How to use @Travellerspoint #webtoolswiki

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Your suggestions for alternatives to @Travellerspoint #webtoolswiki

Your suggestions for alternatives to @Travellerspoint #webtoolswiki

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