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Trello is a free web-based project management application made by Fog Creek Software. According to Trello, it uses a paradigm for managing projects known as kanban, a method that had originally been popularized by Toyota in the 1980s for supply chain management. Projects are represented by boards, which contain lists (corresponding to task lists). Lists contain cards (corresponding to tasks). Cards are supposed to progress from one list to the next (via drag-and-drop), for instance mirroring the flow of a feature from idea to implementation. Users can be assigned to cards. Users and boards can be grouped into organizations.

According to Trello, it operates a freemium business model, as well as being cross-subsidized by other Fog Creek Software products. A basic service is provided free of charge, though a Business Class paid-for service was launched in 2013.




Trello has limited support for tags, in the form of six colored labels that can be renamed. Cards accept comments, attachments, votes, due dates and checklists. Trello has an API. At the moment, the supported mobile app platforms are iPhone and Android. However, its website has been designed to be accessible in most mobile web browsers. An iPad application was released on March 12, 2013.

Users can organize projects through the utilization of boards, lists and cards, which form a bespoke data hierarchy that facilitates effective management of projects, jobs and tasks.

Trello was released at a TechCrunch event by Fog Creek founder Joel Spolsky. Wired magazine named the application in September 2011 one of “The 7 Coolest Startups You Haven’t Heard of Yet”. Lifehacker said it “makes project collaboration simple and kind of enjoyable”.

According to Trello, in July 2012 the site surpassed 500,000 users. They then claimed December 2012, it had surpassed 1,000,000.

According to Fog creek(the maker of Trello), the website is built on top of MongoDB, Node.js and Backbone.js.

Check out WebToolsWiki’s how to video on Trello! 

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Your top tips for using @trello #webtoolswiki

Your top tips for using @trello #webtoolswiki

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