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TSU Is More Than A Web Tool–It’s The Hottest New Social Media Network On The Web



Imagine a social site like Facebook making millions and sharing those millions with their users. You login, post a status, add friends, invite friends, share a photo, etc, and get paid a few cents daily. It’s real.

TSU is invite only, and don’t worry! You can join at Basically, you join by clicking on someone’s invite short code and you get your own. You use that to invite your friends and so on. Then you create your profile, post and share and just hang out.

And you earn money, but your focus shouldn’t be about earning money. What’s the main reason you joined Facebook? Myspace? Twitter? To connect with people. TSU is all about that and the money is just a bonus. TSU is very like Instagram in that there is no algorithm. You see a stream of all the posts of those you friend and follow.

The infographic below sums up how it works.



Here is a short video detailing TSU and how to join. When you are ready to join, click here for your invite. 


Know your TSU limits. The closer you get to these the better you will do!

The Truth about TSU summed up


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