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AlchemyAPI is a cloud app building platform that lets you create smart apps to understand and interpret customer needs and behavior. The platform can be used to build apps that analyze data, conversations, reports and photos from web sites, social media channels and email. This data is transformed into insights about your brad, product, campaign, offer or service.

AlchemyAPI takes both structured and unstructured data from social media and web sites, as well as your in-house text and images, applying semantic data and other technology to answer the questions that matter most to you.

AlchemyAPI helps to understand the human language and its true sentiment through a SaaS API. The REST API can be integrated into your application, service, or data-processing pipeline to extract the data you require. AlchemyAPI offers two core products AlchemyLanguage and AlchemyVision. AlchemyLanguage offers 12 API functions that each use natural language processing techniques to analyze your content and uncover hidden semantic information.

While AlchemyLanguage is used to understand the sentiment behind text, AlchemyVision is used to understand images and videos. The AlchemyVision API will let you apply deep learning technology to pictures to better understand the impact of an entire visual scene. AlchemyVision can be used to create better target ads, organize image libraries, profile target markets and to improve content marketing and eCommerce sites.

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