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With Bil­lo­mat even non-accountants can take care of all their own invoice pro­ces­sing effort­lessly – inclu­ding cust­o­mer manage­ment, estimates, invoices and remin­ders.

*Support for invoices, estimates, reminders, credit notes, order confirmations and delivery notes
recurring invoices for subscriptions and hosting and for maintenance agreements
*Flexible tagging
*Automatic and intelligent number allocation
*Dispatch by email, with several recipients (To, CC, BCC) and attachments
*Dispatch by letter or fax via PixelLetter
*Copying of documents and linking to new customers
*Comprehensive history facility and user comments
*Automatic linking of related documents
*Drag’n’drop sorting of items

Customer management: practical CRM
*Flexible tagging
*Automatic and intelligent number allocation
*Any number of customer attributes can be administered
*A customer’s complete documents at a glance
*Integrated maps view and route-planning via Google Maps
*Import and export as business card file (vCard)
*Importing from Basecamp and Highrise

Articles: Products and services
*Flexible tagging
*Automatic and intelligent number allocation
*Any number of article attributes can be administered
*Prices, units, tax rates per article definable
*Articles can be conveniently transferred as items into any documents as required
*All documents for a particular article at a glance

Personalisation and design
*Customisable templates: Font type, colour, size, headers and footers, logo, notepaper
*Complete freedom with Word templates
*Free text fields for emails, introductions and notes, with placeholder support

Users and employees
*Add any number of employees
*Support for gravatars
*Time-zone and language can be set for each employee individually
*Any number of employee attributes can be administered

*Fast full-text search
*Innovative and comprehensive placeholders incl. date calculations
*Any number of tax rates
*Support for various currencies, languages and localisations
*Support for gross and net prices
*Use of own SMTP server for email dispatch
*Any number of reminder levels
*Chronological activities summary with RSS feeds
*Auto-completion of many forms (search, new addition, processing/adaptation)

Interfaces and integration into third-party applications
*Financial accounting
*Project management
*Dispatch of letters and faxes
*Newsletter and email marketing
*More add-ons or completely individual solutions via our API

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