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The perfect travel expense manager

Forget about your wallet being stuffed with raggedy receipts. It’s time to choose the safest, fastest and the most well-organized way of keeping records of your expenses.

Captoom Mobile only takes virtual space and your receipts will never get lost; let your phone become your handy roomy wallet.

Forget about losing your receipts or gathering too many of them! With a simple touch you can store your receipts. Captoom allows you to quickly record an image for a receipts, edit the desired details and store them. They’ll be kept safe inside your Captoom account. Another cool feature is the mileage receipt, a safe way to store all travel related receipts. Captoom will be your personal assistant that will keep track of your expenses during the usage of your personal vehicle.

Easy creation of a receipt by simply taking a shot and editing details: category, date, details, value, currency and container folder
Complete list of currencies and automatic creation of “Most used” section, in order to facilitate the selection of currency
Editable details for every mileage receipt: distance, unit, price, currency, details, start date, end date and container folder
Store receipts/mileage receipts inside the web account by using Send feature
Manage expenses in an organized way by using folders
Create local folders straight on your smartphone
Download folders from your web account and store them locally
Synchronization of folders with the data on your web account
Automatically computation based on updated currency rates using the “Total” feature
Automatically conversion of the receipt/mileage receipt currency to the container folder’s default currency in list view display
Posibility to use/update over 150 currency rates
Export requests as a tool to send exports to your e-mail account in one of the following formats: PDF, PDF(no photo for receipts), CSV, XLS

Say goodbye to manual entry and reviewing paper receipts! Captoom Web Manager will simplify the way of managing your expenses, giving you full control over your receipts and unlimited storage space for them.

Create expenses reports
Based on customized templates, Captoom enables to quickly create expense reports – making it easy for you or supervisiors to review, approve, process and audit them.

E-conomic integration
Do your accounting with Captoom. You can book expenses into E-conomic quick and easy by configuring the data exchange schema.

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