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Easy to learn, yet incredibly powerful. Trusted by full-time recruiters and internal hiring staff alike.

CATS has no contracts or setup fees to get going. Everything is month to month, allowing you to scale up and down your user count as hiring needs change. Simply come to the website, sign up and begin hiring immediately.

Compiling and tracking resumes and applications is a time-consuming task, taking professionals away from other duties. Technology has eased the process, but it has also made learning about and applying for a position simpler, as well. As a result, professionals and hiring managers often find they are overwhelmed with applications.

CATS Applicant Tracking System automates applicant tracking, putting everything a manager needs in one place. Using the CATS system, recruiters and managers can import resumes and applications, publish to multiple job boards, customize their jobs website, and much more. Once imported, CATS uses built-in intelligence to detect the candidate and contact information included in resumes for use within the system.

The ultimate goal of CATS Applicant Tracking System is to make the hiring process as easy as possible for businesses. Through searches and reports, hiring managers can easily locate candidates who fulfill a set criteria or possess certain skills. A Microsoft Outlook add-in also makes it easy to send and track emails through the system.

The process of filling a vacant position can be chaotic, with numerous candidates coming and going over the days and weeks. With CATS, recruiters can track all pending candidates on the main dashboard, including a five-star rating system that will ensure the best candidates stand out from the crowd.

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