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Chronos Workflow Platform automates and streamlines repeat business processes into a traceable, reportable web-based system that increases efficiency by generating sustainable savings in time and resources.

Cloud or Client Server edition

Process Optimization – eliminates or reduces redundant paperwork for a ROI to outperform your competition

Enterprise Agility – adapts as your company changes to avoid loss of ROI

Real Time Reporting – reporting the way you want it with the information you need

Fast Implementation – days, not months!

Information Security – with role management, user authentication, document tracking and time/date stamp all actions

WYSIWYG – fully self-service platform: no HTML, web technical or programming knowledge required

– Ready to use business process automation solution.
– Can handle complex workflows, all the connecting documents via parallel processes and external interfaces.
– Ability to implement workflows and quickly digitize processes without the involvement of IT
resources, ie no coding knowledge required.
– Any type or kind of workflow can be implemented regardless of business area, e.g. CRM, HR, Finance / Supply Chain, Manufacturing / Logistics, Marketing, Administrative, Product Development, and R&D.
– The cost of the service platform is the equivalent of a single custom workflow development project and very competitive compared to other services currently on the market in USA and Europe.
– Maintenance is simple and highly cost efficient.

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