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Manage your electronic components in one cloud database. Ciiva provides Cloud-based Bill of Materials (BOMs) software, search electronic parts, datasheets, check lifecycles, alternatives, inventory, pricing

Search electronic components, datasheets, manage bill of materials (BOMs), check lifecycles, obsolescence, alternatives, second sources, real-time and historical pricing, availability, sell excess inventory, order online directly with suppliers and much, much, more with: Ciiva’s Collaborative & Intelligent Bill of Materials Software.

Having instant access to information such as life cycle status, potential alternatives, real-time and historical pricing and availability, “where used”, and “who, when and what changed” can help design engineers and procurement personnel make better decisions throughout the product life cycle, from initial component selection in a design, to understanding the impact of an obsolescence notification.

Ciiva is a single source for all of this information and more, saving you hours of time scouring multiple sources, trying to find reliable information you need to make important decisions.

Many of today’s electronic devices contain a large number of components, from a variety of different manufacturers and suppliers. Changes to a BOM can happen at various stages throughout the life cycle of a product, often without changing original hardware design data, such as schematics or layout. For many companies, this can involve an error prone manual change to a spreadsheet or document, with no record of who made the changes, when they were made or why they were made.

Ciiva provides a fully traceable, version controlled BOM management feature, where every component used in a BOM is linked to an access controlled, centralized component library.

Ciiva is a fully collaborative PLM solution. This means it is designed to support multiple people working with the same central component library at the same time. Ciiva uses real-time data synchronization between users to ensure that every user is always working with the latest, up to date component information, and that information fragmentation and de-centralization does not occur.

Ciiva provides real-time pricing and availability information from a wide range of different suppliers allowing instant price and stock comparison. With the ability to automatically populate shopping carts, Ciiva can save you hours of time when it comes to purchasing.

You can now instantly determine what product or products a specific component is used on, making it extremely fast and easy to see what impact a change to a component, such as an obsolescence notification, may have on your products.

Updates can be made to the component library without affecting released BOMs, and the user can decide how, when and if to propagate component library changes back into a product BOM.

As no two companies are the same, neither is the information that they choose to store or the processes that they follow. Ciiva therefore provides the ability for users to customize their database by defining custom attributes and enumerations.

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