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Business owners have enough on their plates, without worrying about making regular trips to the Post Office. With Click2Mail, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can create postal mail digitally and have it printed and sent automatically the next day. This cuts down on the amount of time that business owners spend going back-and-forth to the Post Office, and it makes it easier for businesses to take advantage of direct mail marketing for customer acquisition.

A cloud-based solution, Click2Mail provides its users with an online document editor and inline list hygiene tools. The platform allows anyone with a document and a mailing list to avoid the necessity of printing, folding, stuffing, stamping and posting mail pieces themselves. Click2Mail is most frequently relied on to generate letter mail, postcards, and self-mailers for commercial-grade, next-day production and posting. Click2Mail uses a CASS-compliant mail preparation system, along with Intelligent Mail barcodes and IMb tracing to provide businesses with real-time tracking information for their mail.

Click2Mail is a cloud-based solution that was designed to provide SMBs with a better way to create and send postal mail. Businesses use Click2Mail for automated marketing, notices, billing, human resources notifications, mass correspondence, product recall alerts, and many other infrequent but urgent notification scenarios. The application allows users to send any volume of mail from any technology platform.

Keeping efficiency at the forefront, Click2Mail comingles mail pieces while they’re still in digital form in order to expedite the process of mail sorting. Files are geo-routed to multiple locations for next day printing and mailing. Along with the cost savings, which can be substantial, Click2Mail saves business owners time by doing away with the need to visit the printer or the Post Office on a regular basis. Instead, businesses have the flexibility to work online when generating commercial-grade printed products for mailing. Ultimately, the goal of Click2Mail is to make personalized direct mail as simple and straightforward as possible.

Design Templates Free design templates are provided for all products within Click2Mail. These design templates allow for the freeform design of document content, using most commercial document design packages to customize the templates. Although multiple document formats are supported, the most common formats used by Click2Mail users are postcards, letter mail, flyers, brochures and booklets. This allows for a wide choice of mailer size and broad utility for businesses.

Select a template category to begin working on your new project, choosing between options like product sheets, postcards, flyers, and booklets. Once you’ve chosen your layout and composed your message in the online document editor, you’ll be able to import your mailing list and prepare your mail pieces for distribution.

Web-Based Document Editor Using Click2Mail’s cloud-based document editor and design tools, along with inline list hygiene and management features, Click2Mail users are able to create their mail pieces entirely online. This allows business owners to build their own mail pieces, and frees them from having to work with expensive graphic designers when creating newsletters, brochures, and other direct mail pieces.

Using the document editor, you can easily drag-and-drop various elements (like text and images) around your page. Add shapes and lines for stylistic flourishes. Click2Mail’s auto-save feature ensures that you’ll never lose an update by accident. When you’re done designing your mail piece, just click “Save and Close” and move onto the next step.

Managing Mailing Lists Direct mail pieces need to have somewhere to go. With Click2Mail, businesses can upload their mailing lists or import records manually. This information is seamlessly transmitted to one or more of the Click2Mail’s printing plants, and it’s automatically printed on all flyers and postal pieces being sent out.

In addition to basic list hygiene features, Click2Mail also offers targeting mailing lists as downloads in real-time. Choose lists from some of the word’s most respected sources, and decide whether your mailers should be addressed to “Resident” or by individual name.

Address Standardization Click2Mail automatically standardizes all U.S. postal addresses, based on every user upload. Address standardization corrects for minor errors (like misspelled street names, for example) and flags undeliverable addresses. This enables users to correct or delete those addresses before mailing, which ultimately saves businesses money.

Standard addresses are considered those that can be found in the U.S. Postal Service’s master database. These are considered valid and deliverable. Non-standard addresses are those that do not match a known address in the database. Because mail with non-standard addresses typically incur penalties, such as a forfeiting of the discounted mixed AADC Automation postage rate, Click2Mail flags these non-standard addresses and encourages users to correct them before their mail pieces are distributed.

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