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CloudPhysics is a data intelligence and log management platform that builds sophisticated reports based on data fed into the software. CloudPhysics reports can be customized to display graphs, charts, figures and can users can also customize their dashboard to display preferences.

CloudPhysics comes complete with a 30 day trial version and a premium version. The premium version includes hosting a 1 month free with annual purchase. Online support and numerous video tutorials are also available to get you up and running.

The CloudPhysics software is hosted on a secure server and does not require any software downloads as all data is view online via the client portal. Each CloudPhysics user receives an online login to their dashboard and you can create unlimited user accounts to ensure everyone in your enterprise is kept fully aware of log changes.

CloudPhysics also lets you create email alerts for data security and provide live data graphs and charts for server assessment.

Online versions: CloudPhysics offer an openshource freemium version of the log management application as well as a premium package. You can also avail of a 30 day premium package trial – the freemium plan can be upgraded at anytime.

Dashboard and permissions: The CloudPhysics dashboard enables you to customize your datafeeds and reporting. You can create ‘card decks’ which allow you to manage specific feeds and further customize your CloudPhysics experience.

Security and permissions: CloudPhysics lets you create unlimited user accounts for your application, you can also create alerts that notify you when your server data reaches a specific level.

Analytics and reports: CloudPhysics gives you complete real-time transparency log reports and you can export the graphs and charts to Excel for further analysis.

Support and assistance: CloudPhysics provide users with complete online support, video tutorial channels and a knowledgebase to help you from the initial sign-up to ongoing support.

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