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Comindware Project – State of the Art collaborative Project Management solution.
Gain unparalleled productivity and predictability.
Dramatically improve your Project Management experience with Predictive Real-Time Gannt Chart and Automated Priority-based Planning.
Collaborate with the project team and beyond – built on the top of Comindware Team Network platform, Comindware Project provides unparalleled collaboration capabilities in the context of your projects.
Unique Features
Automated Priority-based Planning
No more unproductive manual task scheduling
Project plan is created automatically after you assign tasks to the team members and define priorities with intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart
Real-time Gantt-chart to stay on track of your project status
Delayed work automatically rescheduled to the future to show you real project milestones and deadlines
Team Collaboration
Unparalleled collaboration capabilities in the context of your projects thanks to Comindware Team Network
Collaboration on project tasks as well as on related activities beyond the scope of the project tasks – like product launch, supporting collateral and such

Comindware Team Network
The industry’ most effective collaboration and execution platform that dramatically changes your project management experience and greatly improves team productivity and satisfaction
Rooms – Create separated Rooms to discuss specific matters beyond or across your projects
Document Management – Manage project-related as well as company-wide documents in a single place
Company Directory and Organization Chart – Use powerful social Directory and visual Orgchart to easily find the person with particular skills, in particular department, in specific location, for specific task.
Awards – Award most prominent team members as “Best performer”, “Employee of the Months”, or with any other award you may have to support motivation and increase team productivity
Unmatched User Experience – Enjoy Comindware Project polished user interface which is based on modern and most innovative user experience patterns

Automated priority-based planning. With Automated Priority-based planning you can schedule your projects just by assigning tasks and defining priorities through a simple drag-and-drop interface. Your project plan will be calculated automatically.
Predictive real-time Gantt-chart. Comindware Gantt-chart automatically reschedules the remainder of the work, so that the overall plan constantly remains up-to-date and shows the real status of your project – as well as actual estimated milestones and finish date.
Comindware Team Network, FREE work execution and collaboration platform. Built on top of Comindware Team Network, an industry first enterprise social tool designed to efficiently collaborate in the context of work, Comindware Project makes it easy to boost employee engagement with its unparalleled teamwork capabilities.
Work directly from Microsoft Outlook. Stay productive in your most common environment with Comindware’ robust Outlook integration. Keep working with Comindware Project tasks, participate in discussions, and manage documents – all right in your Outlook.
Consistent polished user interface. Designed by usability experts, Comindware Team Network’ polished user interface is based on the most modern and innovative user experience patterns.

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