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ContractWorks is a secure contract management software with unlimited users, unlimited contracts, and flat-fee pricing.

ContractWorks’ design is deliberate in its simplicity. Complicated contract management software tends not to get used; we provide the easiest way for you to gain control with features you need to answer the big questions: Where are all my contracts? Who has access? What are the key milestones? How can I communicate the details to my colleagues?

ContractWorks simplifies the contract management process. Our software solution was built with the goal of creating software that actually gets implemented and used.

Secure Storage
Securely storing contracts in a central repository has value for many companies, and absolutely essential for those that operate in a space where data security is paramount. ContractWorks provides a single location for all contracts that can be easily accessed, but on a controlled basis. A familiar folder-based interface makes it easy to build a logical structure and access can be granted to others on a per folder basis.

Quick Search
Even within a digitized system finding documents can be hard. ContractWorks simplifies the search process by providing instant “Google” style search across contract and folder names as well as an advanced tag-based search to find contracts based on data points you have identified as important. Tags are completely custom, this allows you to define what’s important to you and search on those terms.

Easy Reporting
Reporting on key contract information is a critical function of any contract management software. ContractWorks makes it simple to quickly provide key stakeholders with customizable reports. Results are exportable to CSV files, making it easy to share the report or do any additional analysis on the data.

Customizable Alerts
Missed contract renewal or expiration dates can be expensive. ContractWorks allows you to customize alerts based on any desired milestone date. Email notifications are automatically sent to the contract owner so that they may stay ahead of their work. Select the desired notification timeframe to ensure you never miss an expiration date again.

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