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Coupa’s cloud-based suite of financial applications makes it easy to get visibility and control over all the ways spend happens in your company—procurement, expenses and AP. Improve your compliance and increase savings across the board.

Coupa makes companies more profitable by reducing their costs; all with one simple platform that employees actually enjoy using.

Procurement, Expense Management, and Invoice Management are at the center of our cloud platform. This transactional core is augmented by powerful applications to help you increase compliance, efficiency, and visibility. Because it is a true cloud platform, built on a single code line, Coupa can be configured to meet your needs with little integration work.

Coupa Procurement
Companies struggle with how to maximize the savings on everything you buy. With Coupa every employee helps with that shared goal.

The secret to success is having a solution that everyone in the company loves to use. You’ll be more compliant, and save more money without your employees realizing it. Coupa procurement generates more savings than any other solution on the market. Employees want to use Coupa’s familiar online shopping, and you’ll love getting unheard of levels of spend under management.

Our customers report adoption levels of 80%+, helping finance and procurement turn every buyer into an ally in increasing spend under management, safeguarding compliance and amplifying your company’s spending power.

Coupa Invoicing
Coupa helps you get out from that stack of paper that’s been slowing you down. Instead of manually processing every invoice, Coupa lets you process invoices faster and reduce the approval time. Coupa Invoicing opens you up to a world of savings opportunities because now you can take advantage of early payment discounts. Coupa makes it easy to process more invoices through Coupa increases your productivity.

Coupa Expenses
Coupa gives you more control of your expense management. Our expense management software takes the pain out of creating expense reports for employees so they’ll submit their expenses in a more timely fashion. Plus Coupa Expenses make your expense reports more accurate by automatically classifying expenses.

Coupa Storefront
Coupa Storefront provides your employees with a familiar and intuitive buying experience for both goods and services. By seamlessly incorporating Coupa’s catalog management system into your ERP procurement or materials management system, Coupa Storefront creates an internal ecommerce site where employees can quickly find the right item at the right price on the right contract. Efficiency, policy adherence, on-contract spend, and ROI on your ERP all increase as a result.

All Coupa modules easily integrate with your ERP, HR, GL and Data Warehouse systems, so you can get more value from those investments

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