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Diamonds Studio is a metadata development frame work and design tools, used to build highly agile SaaS applications or modernise, extend or enhance dated applications into newer SaaS applications. Where Diamonds is unique is that applications are configured, NOT coded and delivered within the cloud, in a “software as service” model.Users configuring these applications do not require any knowledge of web 2.0 development concepts like AJAX, java script, client-side / server side, web services, XML, SOAP etc.

These users just need a good understanding of using business software and knowledge of the business process or operation they are to encapsulate.

Business Agility bar far. Why wait for your IT resources to get their act together to serve you. We have made Diamonds Studio easy enough so that the business as well as IT can make changes to configured applications. How much depends on each application and can be fully controlled.

In general we have clients stating savings of up to 75% in application maintenance costs. Making changes to applications is changing the meta data, so no code changes, therefore no code to test. You will need to test the functionality of course but testing is overall reduced.

Moving data from non-production to production is a mere case of a “publish” hence far easier.

Being SaaS based increases collaboration capabilities and allows end users to see what’s happening all the way through the build.

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