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Docebo is a cloud-based e-learning management system designed to significantly cut down the time and costs associated with traditional classroom learning through the delivery of online learning with real-time training results tracking. Docebo LMS is enterprise-ready, supports blended learning, which may include some face-to-face between instructors and students, and with a companion mobile app that supports learning from anywhere, anytime. It promotes seamless classroom online chatting, gamification, and apps and widgets that can be added or removed in one click. Docebo’s user interface is a blend of deep functionality and simplicity to ensure optimal end-user experience.

Docebo can easily be rebranded for a more customized look and feel. You can even create and use your company’s custom domain. Its ability to integrate with various applications allows you to expand and extend the students’ learning experience and the instructors’ capacity to deliver more impactful training courses and materials. Some of Docebo’s core features include ILT-classroom, file uploading and converting, advanced tracking and reporting, powerful integrations and the course marketplace.
Easy to use, one-page Web App to manage, deliver and track E-learning activities. Docebo allows organizations of all sizes to implement a cost-effective and features-rich tablet ready Learning Management System. Docebo is made available to global clients in 30 languages. It currently manages over 300,000 users in distance learning projects.

It fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, SAP HR, Lotus, Sharepoint, WebEx, Adobe Connect, BigBlueButton, Vivocha, TeleSkill, GoToMeeting, E-Commerce and more.

Docebo is a global elearning provider that has been revolutionizing the training industry with its innovative solutions since 2005. The Docebo Learning Management System is a SaaS Cloud solution which comprises of a complete ecosystem of apps and features that can be enabled or disabled as users need them, and as the organization scales – making Docebo both robust and extendable. These apps and features include:

Gamification App
ILT-Classroom App
Enterprise Cloud Solution
Video-conferencing tools
Advanced reporting tools
Integrations with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Apps
Integrations with WordPress, Joomla and Drupal

With the award-winning Docebo LMS organizations can manage, deliver and track ILT and WBT activities in more 30 languages.

Docebo delivers a mobile-ready, off-the-shelf and fully integrated solution that is scalable.

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