How To Use Expensify For Gathering Employee Receipts

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Expensify is a cloud and mobile-based application that makes expense reporting faster and easier. It simplifies the entire process by centralizing everything from expense tracking to reimbursement, and lets users take snapshots of their receipts on the spot and save a digital copy. If receipts are scattered everywhere – in Google Apps, Dropbox, Evernote, for example – you can easily import them into Expensify with one click.

For individual users, Expensify is free. For small companies, the first two submitters are free, and every submitter thereafter is priced at $6 per month. For larger businesses, after the first two, submitters cost $11 per user per month. The Expensify business model is a pay-per-activity pricing strategy, instead of monetization based on a number of users. This simply means if nobody submits an expense for a month, you pay nothing.

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